God Speaks

Author: Meher Baba
Type: eBook
Date Released: 1997
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 348
Isbn10 Code: 0915828022
Isbn13 Code: 9780915828029

From the Inside Flap No other work has yet been published which takes the reader so deeply into the fundamental mechanics of life and the universe. God Speaks is a minutely detailed description of the journey of the soul from the time of its "creation" until it has completed its function in the evolution and involution of consciousness, and has returned to the Over-Soul from which it originated. The flowering of each stage in the developmental pattern is described from several standpoints; and the characteristics and difficulties of certain key steps along the way are considered in detail. In reading God Speaks one has the sense of an unlimited breadth of viewpoint in which the teachings of all the great world religions are literally brought together "like beads on one string." The special knowledges of each are incorporated into a comprehensive description of the goal of Creation, and certain basic misunderstandings of the teachings of the Messengers of the ages are deftly corrected, so that a consistent, fundamental pattern of the origins and destiny of man emerges. Students of philosophy and religion will find much material which is entirely new or which had previously been advanced only in very fragmentary form. With precision and lucidity Meher Baba clarifies and defines formerly diffuse concepts. Regarding evolution and consciousness, he says, "It is well to remember always that the beginning is a beginning in consciousness, the evolution is an evolution in consciousness, the end, if there be an end, is an end in consciousness." On concluding the volume, one is left with the conviction that, regardless of the mechanism by which it may have been accomplished, truly the voice of God has been heard. From the Back Cover Only a God-realized being has the knowledge, the depth and acuity of insight to author a book such as God Speaks on the purpose of Creation and the goal of life. Meher Baba was that rare one among perfect ones who appears whenever a world crisis is at its height and whose role is to set the world on a new direction in a new age. From February 25, 1894, until January 31, 1969, the Saviour of mankind again walked this earth. The Messiah, the Christ, the Avatar, the Buddha, the Rasool of God was again among us in human form as Meher Baba. This statement cannot be intellectually proved, nor is it made to establish a claim. The greatness and significance of Meher Baba can only be measured by the stretching of the inner self of those who are attracted by the impact of his life and teachings. Throughout his lifetime, Meher Baba's headquarters were in western India, often near Poona or Ahmednagar. Although access and contact were difficult by Western standards (especially with the permanent residence of later years at Meherazad), this was not isolation. Long periods of seclusion alternated with extensive world travels. His contacts with notables and with the unknown were extensive. In a crowd, his dynamic nature drew all eyes toward him. His charm and appeal to all who came near him were universal. For his devotees, he changed every facet of their existence. They would rearrange their lives so that they could be with him on those rare occasions when he held darshan or sahavas. His silence, which he observed voluntarily since 1925, did not impair communication. "In the past, I have given you enough words," he said, "the time has now come to live them." Up until late 1954 he used a board with letters of the English alphabet mounted on it, to which he pointed. That is how he dictated this book. After 1954 he used hand gestures, where were read out by disciples. Meher Baba did not come to establish a new religion. "There are enough of these," he said. He came to awaken us. The task for the individual is to live his religion in practice, by working on himself and by serving othersnot to convert or change others to match his own views. Throughout his life, Avatar Meher Baba was the living example of his motto "Mastery in Servitude." This is emblazoned on the tomb where his body now lies buried atop Meherabad Hill.

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